Artist Statement

I was born in rural New Zealand, so the Southwest has provided a cornucopia of contrast to that first visual template of Alps and many and varied ‘greens’, here there is such enormous diversity of landscape and culture.

My painting is an exploration and translation of my experiences of that same contrast that deepens broadens and informs those personal perceptions. It is also, simply, a form of study it gives me a way of looking deeply at natural forms and relationships in a landscape where the scarcity of water makes it’s (heroic) path and passage through the desert even more evident than on the saturated island I called home.

I explore figurative work also, the emotion suggested by a certain posture or expression, the revelation apparent in a gesture,it is a visual interpretation of the inner world, and the larger social relm.

Lately I have been moving away from the ‘literal’ and use abstract shapes found in the under painting as a form of symbol or to suggest implied energies. It is all the development of a kind of language spoken through the ‘doing’ …the process itself is a map.


Graduated Claremont School of fine Art 1991 Perth, Western Australia (Sculpture major, Painting minor)

Solo and Two-person Exhibitions
1991  ‘Graduation Exhibition’ Westralian Gallery, Perth, WA
1992  ‘Transitions’ Zippys, Nelson, New Zealand
2000 ‘Residency Exhibition’ Mill Atelier Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
2016 ‘Western Biomes’ Krikawa Gallery, Tucson, Arizona

Group Exhibitions
1990 ‘Artworks‘ Perth institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)
1992 ‘Dog Two‘ Gumboc Sculpture Gallery, Perth WA
2015 Krikawa Gallery, Tucson, Arizona

2000 (May-Oct) Mill Atelier Gallery, Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM

Gallery Representation
1998-2004 Parnell Gallery, Parnell Road, Auckland, NZ